Who Are We

The Wade’s World Foundation provides support to community-based organizations that promote education, health and social skills for children in at-risk situations. WWF is dedicated to its vision of empowering underserved core communities of Chicago, Milwaukee, and the South Florida areas.

WWF was created as a vehicle for Dwyane Wade to give back to underserved communities and support issues of purpose. “I can’t just let basketball define who I am and what I am supposed to become,” said Wade. “Like my mother always tells me, ‘[My life] is bigger than basketball.’”

Mr. Wade serves as Founder of the Wade’s World Foundation (WWF). His emphasis on community involvement continues in WWF’s programs, which promote the education of health, literacy, and fatherhood.

In 2007, after recognizing he wanted more out of the foundation, Mr. Wade appointed his sister Tragil Wade as Wade's World Foundation's the new Executive Director. Sharing the heart of Dwyane as well as having dealt with many of the same experiences as him, including her own, Tragil has since found an abundance of success in running the foundation. In her first five years at the helm of the foundation, WWF has raised $3.2 million dollars while implementing new programming and also expanding it's global reach through outreach.

What We Do

Our motto is, “Every child deserves a shot.” The Wade’s World Foundation’s charitable activities are guided by it's dedication to giving back to at-risk communities of Chicago, Milwaukee, and Miami through a variety of community outreach programs. WWF advocates community-based organizations and continues to support a variety of programs that inspire, uplift and motivate children to overcome challenges, excel academically, and reach their maximum potential. Our core programs and initiatives include:

  • LIVE TO DREAM (Chicago) - The LIVE TO DREAM Chicago program supports youth in underserved communities through exposure to an array of diverse activities, education, and training to ignite, expand, and nurture the raw talents, abilities and aspirations of our young people.
  • LIVE TO DREAM (Miami) - A program designed to inspire young people to “do good” in their communities.
  • Global Outreach - What began in New Orleans, Louisiana as an assist in the rebuilding process of a community that was severely devastated by Hurricane Katrina, has since turned into an annual global outreach program. Every year since 2008, the Wade’s World Foundation holds an annual NBA All-Star Luncheon on the Saturday afternoon of NBA All-Star Weekend devoted to strengthening communities and leaving a lasting legacy.
  • Season of Giving - In the spirit of creating lasting holiday memories, the Wade’s World Foundation has developed a series of seasonal giving events benefiting families in the Chicago and South Florida area.
  • Village Keeper Grant - The Wade’s World Foundation created the Village Keeper Grant for those who have given their time and efforts to provide a safe and productive environment for youth. It takes a village to raise a child.


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