The LIVE TO DREAM Program supports youth in underserved communities through exposure to an array of diverse activities, education, and training to ignite, expand, and nurture the raw talents, abilities and aspirations of our young people.

Our Goal

The goal is to create campuses across the nation starting in Chicago with three areas identified due to the disadvantage. The result is to effect generations to come in the community and to satisfy the need of the entire family.

Program History

The LIVE TO DREAM program was developed in part to assist the City of Chicago in their continued efforts to decrease the violence and fatalities by providing safe havens and high quality programming for youth.

In 2011, WWF, Pastor Jolinda Wade, and New Creation Binding and Loosing Ministries Int'l, responded to the increasing number of violence and rapid growing death rate amongst the youth community in Chicago.

Moving forward the meeting of the minds began to develop a summer program geared toward the youth in the community in need of a structured, safe quality program during the summer months. As a result Wade’s World Foundation, Pastor Wade and NCABALM partnered and hosted a free 6 week summer program in 2012 and 2013.

In 2013, the program focused transitioned to bringing global awareness to the need of quality recreational facilities and programs that will provide resources for youth to help make their dreams come true. – The LIVE TO DREAM Program.

All great programming deserves a fresh innovative facility. For the LIVE TO DREAM program, New Creation Binding and Loosing Ministries Int'l is that place. NCBALM is home to a 56,000 square feet building of which three-fourths of the space has been dedicated to the development of the Live To Dream Center.

The building was purchased by Dwyane Wade shortly after his mother became an ordained minister. He recognized and identified her ability to change lives and give hope to others through the life she now lives that is filled with passion for positive change, and her miraculous testimony. Pastor Wade continues to share the testimony of her past worldwide, and the indispensable CHOICE she made to LIVE and DREAM.


LIVE TO DREAM seeks to offer a comprehensive revolving range of educational, recreational and career training services to include but not limited to:

  • Aviation Career Exploration
  • Business Technology
  • Career Trainings
  • College Preparation
  • Computer Basics (Hardware & Software)
  • Engineering Design
  • Financial Literacy
  • Medical Programs
  • Sports & Physical Fitness
  • Training & Workshops


Since 2013, the LIVE TO DREAM program has:

  • Awarded over $382,500 in summer enrichment scholarships
  • In the third quarter of 2013 - over 30 youth were employed.
  • Youth between ages of eight to 14 received over 45 hours of summer reading instruction taught by certified teachers.
  • 100% of camp participants attended maritime education, lacrosse instructions and an aviation apprenticeship program for the first-time.